Children's Dentistry

As a parent, you want the best for your son or daughter. Giving them a healthy and beautiful smile they can be proud of protects their dental health, builds their confidence, and improves their overall health and well-being.

At Bright Dental Madison, our team of dentists is kind, highly experienced, and loves working with children. We make it easy and convenient for families to get the dental care they need in one place, with morning, evening, and weekend office hours that fit today’s hectic schedules.

The First Dental Visit and Our Approach

Your children’s dentist in Madison recommends that your little one's first visit takes place around the age of three years old. However, if you have any concerns about their teeth or oral development before that time, you are always welcome to call us.

By the age of three, most children can sit comfortably in the dental chair, and our tell, show, and do approach makes them feel at ease. First, we tell them what we’re doing and what they can expect, then we show them the tools we’ll use and what will happen, and finally, we move forward and do the procedure when they’re entirely comfortable.

Dr. Chandok, Dr. Rehmen, Dr. Patel, or Dr. Zamir will never move forward with any procedure until your child is ready for it.

An Excellent Resource for Parents

Our dentists believe in partnering with parents to educate them about their son or daughter's oral development, nutrition, and the things they can do at home to start building good habits. We are here to answer your questions about your child’s precious smile. We also have helpful tips on how to make brushing and flossing at home a fun event for your children.

At Bright Dental Madison, parents will find all the services they need to keep their son or daughter’s smile healthy, including orthodontic treatment, if the time comes to straighten their teeth.

Your Madison pediatric dentist may also recommend additional treatment like dental sealants or fluoride treatments to protect your little one’s teeth from tooth decay. Dental sealants are a protective coating we place over molars, while fluoride helps to strengthen and safeguard developing smiles.

We Look Forward to Building a Relationship with Your Family

Whether your child is ready for their first dental visit, or they need their wisdom teeth removed, your dental team in Madison, WI has the skills and expertise to take care of them.

We know that early dental visits when kids are young are essential for successful stress-free appointments in the future, so our entire team works together to make every dental visit fun and upbeat for your child.

Contact Bright Dental Madison today to schedule your family’s next dental appointments.