Emergency Dentistry

Dental pain or a tooth emergency can leave you panicked and feeling overwhelmed. The good news is that your emergency dental team at Bright Dental Madison is here to provide you with the treatment and relief you need. We have morning, evening, and Saturday appointments to accommodate your scheduling needs. Our priority is to deliver same-day dentistry, if possible, that will help you get back on the path to wellness and feeling better in no time.

If you’ve never visited our dental office before, you can still contact us in the case of an emergency. New patients are always welcome at Bright Dental Madison!

Dental Emergencies We Help With

If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, it’s important that you contact us right away. A dental infection won’t resolve on its own, and it could result in more discomfort or damage to your tooth and your dental health if it’s left untreated.

We also recommend that you contact our dental office first before heading to a hospital emergency room. Your emergency dentist in Madison, WI is better equipped to help you with tooth emergencies, and it can save you time and money if you call us first.

Some of the common tooth emergencies we handle are:

  • Broken teeth
  • Toothaches and dental pain
  • Tooth infections or abscesses
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Lost or broken restorations
  • Cracked or broken dentures

Even if you don’t see your problem listed here, call us first. We’re happy to assess your condition over the phone and determine if you need immediate attention.

Emergency Dental Treatment

When you have your examination with either Dr. Chandok, Dr. Rehmen, Dr. Patel, or Dr. Zamir, depending on your specific needs, they may recommend one of these treatment procedures:

  • Tooth-colored fillings if decay has caused a sensitive cavity
  • Root canal treatment to eliminate a dental infection and preserve your natural tooth
  • Tooth extraction for advanced periodontal (gum) disease or a traumatized tooth
  • Dental implants or a bridge to replace a lost tooth
  • A tooth crown to restore fractured or broken teeth

All of our Madison dentists are highly skilled and experienced in helping our patients get the relief they need during a dental emergency.

You Can Prevent Dental Emergencies

While accidents or tooth trauma may be unpredictable, there are many dental emergencies you can prevent with routine visits to Bright Dental Madison every six months. When our dentists detect tooth decay or gum disease, you can be proactive about your dental health by treating your condition right away, which will help you avoid painful conditions like a tooth infection.

If you participate in sports, our dentists can recommend the right mouth guard to protect you from a dental injury. Since nearly half of all dental emergencies are sports-related, it’s important to protect your teeth and mouth with a custom mouth guard.

Contact Bright Dental Madison Right Away for Dental Emergencies

Don’t hesitate to call our Madison, WI dental office right away if you’re having a dental emergency.