Invisible Braces

A beautiful smile gives you the confidence to take the world by storm and reach your goals! If crooked teeth have you hiding your smile, you may not be making the right impression when you interact with other people.

Whether you’re living with crooked, overlapped, or widely spaced teeth, it can diminish the appearance of your smile and cause you to feel self-conscious. At Bright Dental Madison, we offer invisible braces with Invisalign that can help you achieve the smile you want without the hassle of wearing metal brackets or wires.

How Invisalign in Madison, WI Works

When you choose invisible braces to straighten your teeth, we use 3-D imaging to create impressions of your teeth. Then we’re able to make a series of clear plastic aligners that will gradually move your teeth into alignment.

You’ll wear each pair of aligners for two to three weeks and then move on to the next set until your teeth are straight. Excellent compliance in wearing your trays for at least 22 hours each day will help keep your teeth moving as planned. Depending on your specific needs, most cases can take about 12 to 18 months. Patients with less complicated cases may be able to finish in under a year.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

At Bright Dental Madison, we follow two schedules for pricing for treatment with Invisalign to keep it affordable for our patients.

For standard cases that take 12 to 28 months, we charge $3800. For treatment that is less complex and takes less time, we charge $2800.

We’re happy to help you determine which treatment plan is best for your needs during an Invisalign consultation with one of our dentists at Bright Dental Madison.

We take most major insurance plans at Bright Dental Madison, including Medicaid and BadgerCare. Many dental insurance plans include an orthodontic benefit that covers treatment with Invisalign in Madison, which helps to defray your out-of-pocket cost for straightening your teeth.

Our dental office also works with companies like CareCredit that make it easy for you to pay for your orthodontic treatment over time with monthly payments.

How Can I Get Started?

The path to a straighter smile with Bright Dental Madison is straightforward, and your first step is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Chandok, Dr. Rehmen, Dr. Patel, or Dr. Zamir. Once our dentists determine that Invisalign is the right treatment for you, we can take the next steps of creating custom aligners for your smile. You’ll be smiling your best smile in no time when you choose invisible braces to straighten your teeth. 

Contact your Invisalign dentist in Madison, WI today to schedule your orthodontic appointment and learn more about invisible braces.