Tooth Extractions

Our goal at Bright Dental Madison is to help you preserve your healthy and beautiful smile with your natural teeth for as long as possible. Sometimes that means removing a tooth that negatively impacts your dental health.

While being told that you need to have a tooth extraction may not be your best news, we want to assure you that our experienced dentists provide all types of tooth extractions. This vast range of experience allows them to give you a comfortable and smooth tooth extraction in Madison, WI. Most of our patients tell us that they are surprised the procedure was so easy!

When Our Dentists Recommend a Tooth Extraction in Madison

Removing a tooth is not a recommendation that we take lightly. We will only suggest a tooth extraction after all other treatment possibilities have been explored and eliminated.

Some of the situations that may require a tooth extraction are:

  • A tooth with deep decay
  • A severely cracked or fractured tooth
  • A tooth infection
  • Trauma

We take the time to ensure that you are entirely comfortable during your tooth extraction, and our team is also here to guide you through the recovery process.

When Do You Need to Extract Wisdom Teeth?

A standard recommendation for tooth extractions is wisdom teeth. These are your third set of molars that arrive at the back of your mouth around the age of 18 to 25 years old. Since we don’t really need our wisdom teeth, we typically recommend that you have them extracted for these reasons:

  • Overcrowding: There's usually not enough space for wisdom teeth and if that's the case, they may begin to crowd or move your other teeth.
  • Cleanliness: It can be challenging to keep wisdom teeth clean due to their location at the back of your mouth. Plaque and bacteria buildup can result in an increased risk of developing problems like gum disease or tooth decay.
  • Impaction: An impacted tooth is one that remains stuck below the gumline. This happens to many wisdom teeth and can result in an infection.

Whether your wisdom tooth is impacted or needs a simple extraction, we are happy to provide all types of tooth extraction procedures at Bright Dental Madison.

Don’t Delay a Tooth Extraction in Madison

If we determine that your dental health would benefit from a tooth extraction, it’s essential not to delay your procedure. A damaged or infected tooth can result in harm to neighboring teeth or your infection spreading to other critical areas of your body, which could become life-threatening.

Don't wait to call us! Contact your dentist in Madison, WI today to learn more about how we can help with tooth extractions.