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Crowns and Bridges

Living with a compromised tooth causes problems not only for your smile but also with your ability to eat and chew comfortably. If your tooth is broken or missing, your team at Bright Dental understands that you need reliable and affordable solutions. It is our goal to provide those solutions to our community.

Dental Crowns Repair Decayed or Broken Teeth

If you are struggling with tooth decay in a small area of your tooth, a tooth-colored dental filling can be an excellent solution for restoring both aesthetics and function to your smile.

However, if your tooth is broken or decayed past the capabilities of a filling, your dentist may recommend a dental crown to restore your tooth. These are the situations when we recommend tooth crowns:

  • For a severely broken or decayed tooth

  • To rebuild a tooth treated with a root canal

  • For cosmetic cases – to cover staining or repair a chipped tooth

  • To replace an older lost or broken restoration

A dental crown covers your entire tooth and closely copies its shape and shade, so it blends seamlessly with your smile. A crown also offers you the same function you had before your tooth was damaged, so you’ll chew and eat with ease again.

Tooth crowns offer the aesthetics and function you want for your smile.

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth Without the Need for Surgery

Gaps in your smile due to missing teeth not only make it difficult for you to chew and enjoy your food, but it may also feel embarrassing for you to smile.

A dental bridge can be an excellent solution for replacing one or multiple missing teeth so you can eat and smile with confidence again.

A bridge uses crowns as anchors for one or more prosthetic teeth in between that fill in the gaps in your smile. Your bridge is made of ceramic porcelain, so like a dental crown, it complements your smile.

Getting a Bridge or a Crown

The process for completing a crown or bridge is straightforward and the same for either restoration. It consists of two appointments with your dentist and takes two to three weeks to complete.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

During your first appointment, your dentist prepares your tooth for your crown or bridge by taking impressions and removing a small amount of enamel to create a secure fit. You’ll also receive a temporary version of your restoration that you can wear while a dental lab handcrafts your permanent one.

During Your Second Visit

It takes two to three weeks for the dental lab to finish your crown or bridge, and then you’ll return to Bright Dental to have it placed permanently. During this visit, your dentist will make any adjustments to ensure that your restoration fits properly and your bite functions normally.

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