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Dentures and Partials

Living with tooth loss is challenging! It’s difficult to enjoy food when you can’t chew comfortably, and you may feel embarrassed about how your smile looks with missing teeth.

If it’s time to start considering dentures as an option for restoring your smile, you can rely on the skilled team here at Bright Dental. Our dentists have extensive experience in crafting comfortable, natural-looking complete and partial dentures for patients missing a few or all of their teeth.

How Partial Dentures Complete Your Smile

A partial denture is an ideal option for patients missing a few teeth but still have a lot of their own healthy teeth. Your partial anchors to healthy teeth to keep it in place, and it fills the gaps in your smile with prosthetic teeth designed to blend in with your natural ones.

You can easily remove your partial at night to clean it, and routine visits to your dentist every six months ensure that your partial fits properly and your remaining teeth stay healthy.

How a Full Denture Restores Teeth and Confidence

If you need a full arch of teeth replaced, a denture is a good choice. Traditional dentures are removable and made of acrylic material designed to restore your smile.

Your dentist considers your facial structure when designing your denture to ensure the best fit possible. They also use your skin tone and other facial features to help create a natural and appealing smile.

You can rest assured that today’s dentures are customized more than ever before for a vast improvement over what your mother or grandmother wore.

Implant-Supported Dentures Provide Stability and a Secure Fit

We can also use dental implants to support full or partial dentures. Dental implants provide excellent support for your appliance because they act as anchors in your jawbone with your denture snapping into them. This stability prevents the movement or slippage that often occurs during talking or eating with a traditional removable denture. 

Implants also keep your jawbone healthy and stimulated, which guards against the bone deterioration that often occurs with a traditional denture.

Are You Interested in Learning More About Dentures?

If you’re dealing with tooth loss, but you’re not sure which type of tooth replacement option is best for your needs, our dentists would like to talk with you. During an evaluation, they will discuss your lifestyle, goals, and budget with you to determine the right way to restore your smile.

Whether you choose traditional or implant-supported dentures, your team at Bright Dental will be here to guide you through the process each step of the way.

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